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for Accountants

Manage your clients and team members
from the Control Panel that gives you
complete control of your business.

Intuit® Hosting Platform:
LinkedCPA is a hosting provider for Intuit®. We host the entire QuickBooks™ family of products, and tax
and other Intuit® add on services. We also host software that compliments the Intuit family of products.
Our servers are designed to take full advantage of the many Intuit features. You and your clients will have
access 24/7/365 through our web portal, using our LinkedCP Management Software.

Clients may request that we host software, but it will be tested to verify that it does not disrupt the integrity
of our servers or performance. We welcome all software suggestions that are Intuit compatible. We find that
a great suggestion often benefits more than one client!

Included in your monthly fee are Microsoft Excel™, PDF Split-Merge™ and Open Office™, an Office™ 2007
compatible software solution. Microsoft Office™ 2007 is available for an additional fee. You will have full
back up and security. We use Symantec's® Data Protection Network™.

Document Management:
Take control of your client’s data by storing it on our secure servers. Realtime Document Management
means you can move, copy and delete documents from your systems to our servers by simply uploading
through our upload application, or through our mapped drive system. You can control folder structures for
each client or create a set of control folders that are used for every client. Plus you now have access to
your client’s documents from anywhere you have internet access.

All data is backed up nightly and saved for seven years. You can go to bed at night confident that your
data is secure.

LinkedCPA Management:
Administrators, team members and clients have direct access to accounts and files from each individual
desktop. No need to sign in to the web. Manage client data by assigning clients to specific team members.
Only the administrator and the chosen team member will receive a client’s uploaded data.

LinkedCPA enables the administrator to monitor tech support issues, uploads, downloads, file changes and
notification each time a client gains access to his or her files. Administrators can add, edit and delete client
data, reassign accountants and run reports directly from their own desktop. Adding a new client is as easy
as filling out a form. LinkedCPA software is sent immediately to the new client.

LinkedCPA notifies team members immediately when there is a client upload. The team member can open
documents directly from the desktop without logging in to the website and immediately do analysis, run
reports and follow up on any issues. Reports can be sent directly to clients using the LinkedCPA system.
Team members can follow progress on any technical support issues.

LinkedCPA provides each client immediate access to his or her accounting files and enables them to know
when a file has been uploaded. Clients have immediate access to all reports and other documents sent by
their Team Member. If the administrator makes the service available, clients can tell if their assigned team
member is present. Clients can track progress on any technical support issues.

Clients will know immediately when financial statements, reports, payroll or other information is available and
they can gain access to it with one click. Notification arrives in their desktop tray. No more need for an extra
email to alert clients when something has been sent. Information can be read online, printed and saved on
the client computer. Access to all files is a simple click away all of the time. If the client is out of the office,
he or she has access through the website.

Branded to Your Company:
Your LinkedCPA site belongs to you. Simply upload your logo. You won't find our logo anywhere.
We are an important tool for you to use, but your client should see your name in lights when they log on!
Need tech support? Our staff answers, “Hello, this is Lisa. How can I be of service?” We are your partner,
an integral part of your company. Take full credit! It’s your company.
We truly disappear so that you are the front line.

**Due to stipulations set forth by Intuit®, if you are using our login feature on your website, the words,
“Powered by LinkedCPA” must appear in the lower right hand corner of the sign in. These words are
very small and we have made them as unobtrusive as possible while following guidelines.

Webinars, Training and Sales Support:
Take advantage of our high quality brochures and marketing materials. Simply download the file, add
your logo, and they are ready for you to print and distribute. Want us to do it for you? We can for a small
additional fee. We can even do special designs.

LinkedCPA offers many training opportunities, right from the website. But if you need more, we offer one
hour classes twice a week. And there are “LinkedFocus” classes offered as needed. Take advantage of
our two day seminars. They cover everything from how to grow your business to creative uses of our
platform. You will be energized and excited when you finish.

Strategic Partners:
LinkedCPA’s goal is to provide you all the tools that you need to provide premier service to your clients.
Between LinkedCPA and our Strategic Partners we cover a wide range of online tools that enable you to
provide full service to each client. No need to create your own systems.

Our strategic partners must pass stringent guidelines before we allow them to participate on the platform.
1) They must have been in business for one year.
2) They have to provide a system that is an integral part of the accounting process.
3) They must offer a product that has all ready been proven to save time and money, and create a
    beneficial “stickiness” for your clients.
4) They must demonstrate that they are willing to offer training that helps you become proficient in
    their system.

Click here to learn more about our partners. (Additional fees apply for these services)

BackOffice Support:
Growing a business and managing a business are never easy! The cost of hiring staff is prohibitive.
LinkedCPA wants your business to grow, so we have partnered with a firm to provide quality, professional
back office support at very reasonable rates. Plus we have partnered with EarthClass Mail to make the
process even more efficient. Let our BackOffice Support do the daily work that can hinder your growth if
not completed in a timely manner. Let your team focus on the compliance side of the business.
Let LinkedCPA show you how to make the “shoebox” accounting system provide profits and eliminate
hassles. Call for more details, or sign-up for our one hour LinkedCPA’s Backoffice Support System & the
Shoebox Client Solution Webinar! (Additional fees apply for this service)

Security and Confidence:
Secure Off-Site Backups: LinkedCPA uses the latest offsite backup facilities from Symantec’s Protection
Network. We back up your data nightly. Your data is then stored offsite for one year. If you need information
we can easily retrieve it. To learn more about Symantec’s Data Protection click here.

Hosting Facility:
Our hardware is hosted by NetRiver. Our in-house technical team works in tandem with
Packet Drivers, a leader in technology platforms in Seattle, WA to make sure our hardware
is up to date and functioning at maximum efficiencies.

• 99.97% guaranteed high-speed core network uptime.

• 24x7x365 monitoring by industry-certified on-site staff

• Multi-layered security backed by digital surveillance and 24x7x365 on premise staff

• Redundant power systems with back-up generators, UPS systems and Sophisticated
  fire detection and suppression systems

• Advanced HVAC systems for cooling and air purification, providing optimal server
  operating conditions

• Fully meshed and redundant networks

To learn more about NetRiver click here.

• LinkedCPA uses 128 bit SSL security provided by GeoTrust to ensure secure and confidential
  client-server transactions while users are logged into their T LinkedCPA accounts. This
  means you can rest assured that communications (e.g. credit card numbers) between your
  browser and the LinkedCPA servers are private and secure when the SSL session is activated.

• LinkedCPA internet and intranet network connections are firewalled and filtered to allow only
  permitted traffic.

• Files on LinkedCPA are locked using Microsoft® Windows security and permissions. LinkedCPA
  authentication methods for logins use the Kerberos protocol which is among the most secure and
  reliable protocols for authentication.

• LinkedCPA constantly monitors Microsoft security updates for its systems and applies all
  necessary security patches.

• LinkedCPA provides hard drive redundancy in case of hard drive failures and data clustering
  in case of server failures. With hard drive redundancy, a second hard drive takes over if
  one fails. With data clustering, data is replicated to a secondary server creating two sets
  of live data in case one server fails.

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We are working with partners and other
CPA’s to build a certification process
that will allow your accounting firm to
become certified on the system.

Once certified, you will receive a logo
to place on your website, and will
receive access to leads asking for
accounting services in your area.
> eMail us to learn more!

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