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for Accountants

Manage your clients and team members
from the Control Panel that gives you
complete control of your business.

Does my monthly fee include a license for Intuit Software?
No, our monthly fee covers the hosting, access and backup of your Intuit files. It also includes all the
features of LinkedCPA. You must own a copy of every version of Intuit products you will be using on
the LinkedCPA system. Furthermore, ievery client that will be allowed access to the file must have a
licensed copy of the product. When you register, you will be asked for a license number. Each license
number will be reported quarterly to Intuit for verification.

Is there a contract I have to sign?
No, you can cancel your LinkedCPA account at any time.

Who owns my QuickBook™ files and accounting documents?
You do! You can download them any time you like. If you would like us to provide a yearly backup of all
your documents we provide this service at $45 per DVD.

Are my clients files backed up to an offsite location?
Yes. Your files are backed up nightly through the Symantecs Protection Network. Your files are then
stored for seven years. If you leave LinkedCPA, your files will be archived for one year upon cancellation
and then purged from the backup.

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We are working with partners and other
CPA’s to build a certification process
that will allow your accounting firm to
become certified on the system.

Once certified, you will receive a logo
to place on your website, and will
receive access to leads asking for
accounting services in your area.
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